HID bulbs
High Intensity Discharge Xenon-Bulbs & Replacement HID Bulbs
HID-D2R, HID-D2S, & HID Kit Replacement Bulbs
D2R & D2S Xenon Bulbs
HID-D2R & HID-D2S Xenon bulbs can
ONLY be used on vehicles equiped
Xenon Headlights from the factory
OR, applications where D2S or D2R
bulbs are
specifically called for.  Other
vehicles will require an
HID conversion
kit for genuine Xenon Headlights.

I have Xenon Headlights
If your vehicle is factory equipped with
Xenon Headlights, then it likely uses
HID-D2R or HID-D2S bulbs. If you are
not sure which style replacement
Bulbs you need for vehicles with factory
HID lighting.

When vehicles are equipped with
Xenon Headlights (D2S or D2R bulbs),
our "Xenon-Blue" (8000K)  
"Premium-White" (6000K) or
"Bright-White" (5000K) HID bulbs can
be used to upgrade or replace your
stock yellowish-white Xenon Headlight

5000K, 6000K or 8000K?
5000K, 6000K and 8000K HID bulbs all
make driving a more pleasurable
experience.  However, there are some
differences worth mentioning.  5000K is
the brightest and most "white" of the
choices.  6000K's are also very bright
and white but also emit a pure white
hue. 8000K's, while still much brighter
than conventional Halogen lights, offer
a distinctively eye pleasing look. (For
comparison see photo's above at right)

Info on HID-D2R and  HID-D2S
Replacement Bulbs
D2R bulbs were originally designed for
Mercedes-Benz.  Consequently, D2R
bulbs and D2S bulbs (used initially by
BMW) feature subtle differences at the
base of the bulb for fitment purposes.
The differences primarily consist of a
cut-out and notch for fastening
purposes being located differently. In
Addition to the base varying slightly,
D2R bulbs are easily distinguished by
ceramic paint along the sides of the

Are the HID bulbs Tinted?
True Xenon Headlights are not tinted.
Likewise, our replacement HID bulbs for
HID-D2R, HID-D2S, and kit applications
are absolutely clear.  Instead of being
tinted, a unique combination of Xenon
and other noble elements cause a
colored effect when they are excited at
the molecular level by high voltage
electricity.  It is the excitation / ignition
of these noble elements that cause the
XENON flicker and warming"
associated with genuine Xenon

HID Kit Replacement Bulbs
The replacement HID Kit bulbs
advertised here (at right), are
designed for use with compatible
HID Conversion Kits ONLY.

Our HID Kit bulbs (capsules) can  be
used to transfer your current HID
system to a vehicle with a different
headlamp style, OR, simply to change
the color of your current xenon
headlight kit.

Please note that if you own a 12 volt 35
watt HID system, compatibility with this
item is determined by the plug design.
Therefore, it is HIGHLY recommended
that you remove one of your current HID
Kit capsules from your vehicle to make
comparisons with our  "PLUG" photos at

How do D2R / D2S Bulbs
Compare to the Kit bulbs?
The glass portion (or capsule) of our  Kit
bulbs are identical to D2S bulbs.  Kit
Replacements feature rebased D2S
capsules that will fit the following
halogen applications: H1, H3, H4, H7.
H11, H13, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006,
9007 & 9008.
"Premium-White" 6000K HID Bulbs
"Xenon-Blue" 8000K HID Bulbs
6000K  HID-D2R Xenon Bulbs
8000K HID-D2R Xenon Bulbs
HID-D2S Xenon Bulbs
5000K (Factory Replacement)
D2S Replacement HID Bulbs
5000K D2S HID Replacement Bulbs
Original: $275 ea.
$129.00 (Pair)
6000K (Premium-White)
D2S Replacement HID Bulbs
6000K D2S HID Replacement bulbs
Original: $275 ea.
$159.00 (Pair)
8000K (Xenon-Blue)
D2S Replacement HID Bulbs
8000K D2S HID Replacement Bulbs
Original: $275 ea.
$159.00 (Pair)
Data not available (103)

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HID Bulb Replacement Guide
*D2S / D2R Bulb Standard Shipping Rates
HID Bulb Replacement Guide
*D2S / D2R Bulb Standard Shipping Rates
HID-D2R Xenon Bulbs
HID Kit Replacement Bulbs
These HID Kit Replacement bulbs are the types used in our
HID Kits.

Replacement HID Kit bulbs are Sold in Pairs.
* Confirm compatibility before ordering by viewing the close-up
photo's.  There are NO returns after installation of the
replacement HID bulbs because we do not sell used product.

* Your Credit Card will not be billed until your order actually
ships so order with confidence.

* Shipping Notification and Tracking numbers are issued when
replacement bulbs are shipped.

* Some HID Kit Replacement bulbs may not be in stock. Many
replacement bulbs are.  
E-mail us to check availability.
Plasma Garage carries genuine Xenon Headlights, HID bulbs, and Conversion Kits at the Best Prices! If you have photo's of your
Plasma Garage Xenon HID Headlights installed, send them to for great purchase incentives.
"Two Plug"
HID bulbs for 2 plug Kit (1)
HID bulbs for 2 plug Kit  (2)
HID bulbs for 2 plug Kit  (3)
HID bulbs for 2 plug Kit  (4)
"Three Plug"
HID Replacement Bulb Plugs Close-Up #1
HID Replacement Bulb Plugs Close-Up #2
HID Replacement Bulb Plugs Close-Up #3
HID Replacement Bulb (9006) Close-Up #4
* HID Conversion Kit REQUIRED for use
<<< Compare Bulb Plugs with Your HID Kit >>>
HID Kit Bulbs (3-Plug Style)
2 HID Kit Bulbs (Two-Plug Yellow Gasket)
2 Bi-Xenon HID Kit Bulbs (Two-Plug Yellow Gasket)
Uprades or replaces compatible kit bulbs.
Data not available (103)

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5000K (Factory Replacement)
D2R Replacement HID Bulbs
5000K D2R HID Replacement Bulbs
Original: $285 ea.
$129.00 (Pair)
6000K (Premium-White)
D2R Replacement HID Bulbs
6000K D2R HID Replacement Bulbs
Original: $295 ea.
$159.00 (Pair)
8000K (Xenon-Blue)
D2R Replacement HID Bulbs
8000K D2R HID Replacement Bulbs
Original: $295 ea
$159.00 (Pair)