Peugeot 206 GTI HID headlight bulb install
Peugeot HID Bulb
The stock H1 headlamp bulbs on this gorgeous 206 GTI were upgraded
with our H1 Xenon Conversion Kit.  An
H1 HID Conversion Kit was
requisite ballasts and wiring.  When vehicles do have xenon headlamps
from the manufacturer, the stale OEM color can be upgraded with our
Xenon Bulbs.

With our
plug-in style kit, H1 fitted Xenon Bulbs were installed in this
headlamp housing without any modification. The new HID Bulbs were
seated perfectly behind the projector lenses allowing for true xenon
lighting without cutting or splicing a single wire.  

Here, enjoy the wonderful photography of owner, R.P. from the United
Peugeot Headlamp with 6000K HID bulbs
Peugeot HID 206 GTI 1
Peugeot HID 206 GTI  3
Peugeot HID 206 GTI
Peugeot HID 206 GTI 4
Peugeot HID 206 GTI 5
Peugeot HID 206 GTI 6
Peugeot 206 GTI with 6000K (Premium-White) HID Kit.
In the picture above notice the white hue in the lens of the
headlamp housing.  Our 6000K HID is the brightest white
colored bulb offered. Our 6000K xenon bulbs allow for
safer driving and make driving at night a pleasurable
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