Optional HID Battery Relay
IMPROVES PERFORMANCE by providing a stable power supply and avoiding electrical spiking that
can reduce kit life.

Recommended if:

* Vehicle is equipped with an "auto-on" headlamp system.
* Vehicle is used in cold weather that may weaken the vehicle's battery.
* Vehicle had a previous HID conversion and sometimes only 1 headlamp would turn on.

NOTE: Many installers neglect installing the battery relay because it takes an extra 5 - 10 minutes to bolt on to the
vehicle's battery and your kit will work with out it if you have a strong battery.  If you are not performing your own
installation, you can ensure that your battery relay was installed by locating a wire at your (+) battery terminal that
leads to each of your headlamps.  
Optional HID Battery Relay Wiring Kit
Optional Battery Relay Connected to Ballasts
Compatible with: H1, H3, H7, H9, H10,
H11, 880, 9005, and 9006 kits
battery relay for HID headlights