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Welcome to our D3S HID bulb page!  
D3S bulbs are only used in a very small
minority of new vehicles, and only when
Xenon / HID headlights like the 2009 -
Ford Flex that can be ordered from
Ford with or without the Xenon (HID)
headlamp option, a few
Audi, Lincoln, and
Rover HID headlamps.

HID-D3S bulbs are a green (mercury free)
High Intensity Discharge Bulb attached to
an igniter base that will fit any vehicle that
uses the D3S headlamp bulb platform.

HID-D3S bulbs are an evolution of  
s.  D3S bulbs are not interchangeable
with D1R or D1S bulbs, but feature the
same attached ignitor base style which
facilitates quicker re-firing of the arc until it
can be sustained by the ballasts to
produce light.

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Replacement D3S HID bulbs for Vehicles with D3S HID headlights
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