In 2003 Lincoln started using HID-D1R bulbs in the 2003 Navigator's HID headlights.  This was the first time
Lincoln used HID lights in a vehicle since 1998.  Since then, many Lincolns equipped with HID lighting use
HID-D1R Bulbs.  If your vehicle uses D1R HID bulbs in its headlights, you can use any of the bulbs below to
replace a burned out bulb.  For replacement of factory bulbs we recommend
our 5000K bulbs.  For the brightest,
pure-white bulbs we recommend our
6000K Premium-White bulbs. Our 8000K Xenon-Blue bulbs produce a
bluish-white and can be used for a customized look.
D1S Bulbs & D1R Bulbs
6000K D1S Bulbs (pair)
8000K D1S Bulbs (pair)
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Welcome to our D1R and D1S HID bulb
 D1R and D1S bulbs are only used in
a small minority of  vehicles, and only
when they are equipped with the
(sometimes optional) factory Xenon HID
headlights.  Our D1R and D1S bulbs are
guaranteed to fit and last for 2 Year under
our Burn-out Replacement Warranty.

The biggest design innovation over
previous HID bulbs, is that the D1S and D1R
bulbs are attached directly to a metal box
at the base of the bulb called an igniter.  

HID-D1S & HID-D1R, these HID
bulbs have started to show up on newly
designed vehicles by:
Audi, BMW, Cadillac,
Chevrolet, Chrysler, Lincoln, Porsche, and
Volkswagen, when factory equipped with
HID headlights.

While there are no noticeable performance
advantages that we observed over D2
Bulbs, D1S and D1R Bulbs are
disadvantaged by a higher cost of
replacement due to the igniter being
permanently attached.  

In theory, the benefit to attaching the bulb
to the ignitor is that this design will allow
for a more reliable ignition of the arc-lamp
in cold weather where a weak battery may
previously have caused spiking and/ or
ignition failure.

The D1S and D1R bulbs expected bulb life
is the same as our other HID bulbs (2500 -
4000 hrs) depending on usage.  
5000K D1S Bulbs (pair)
HID-D1S Bulbs
HID-D1R Bulbs
Only a handful of premium luxury and performance vehicles use HID-D1S bulbs, and we are proud to offer
OEM quality replacement bulbs for newer
Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Lincoln, Porsche,and
vehicles that use them in "projector lens" style headlights.  Please check our vehicle bulb
guide before ordering.  NOTE: If your vehicle was not made with HID headlamps and does not already use
this bulb size, these bulbs will not fit your vehicle.
Factory Replacement
Factory Replacement 5000K D1S bulbs for D1S HID headlights
6000K D1S bulbs for D1S HID headlights
8000K D1S HID bulbs for D1S HID headlights
Factory Replacement 5000K D1R bulbs for D1R HID headlights
6000K D1R bulbs for D1R HID headlights
8000K D1R bulbs for D1R HID headlights
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D1S Replacement Ballast
Price: $189
A ballast will power one (1) D1S bulb/ D1R
bulb on a vehicles that use them. If a
headlamp is not working, it is possible that
the bulb may be good and that the ballast
that powers it is actually bad.  You can test
your ballast / bulbs by using process of
elimination and switching your bulbs to
opposite headlamps.  If the problem moves
with the bulb, the problem is the bulb.  If
the problem stays on the same side, the
ballast or possibly a fuse on the problem
side may be causing the issue.
Now: $129
Now: $129
Now: $129
Now: $129
Now: $129
Now: $129
Now: $137
HID-D1R bulbs & HID-D1S bulbs and Plasma Garage
6000K D1R Bulbs (pair)
8000K D1R Bulbs (pair)
5000K D1R Bulbs (pair)
Factory Replacement
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